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The closer someone draws nearer to God, the more they realize that our God is passionate about the lost. Not only is he passionate about the lost, he has a cure for them, HIS WORD! So that puts us in a place, do we obey or disobey? Every Christian is called, not everyone is called to go to a different country, but witnessing is a command, not a "gift", so we ask how have you been a witness lately? Abigale and I are called to go to Nicaragua, we are in the transition of going there . . . ABWE started an organization in Nicaragua called International Church Planters (ICP). ICP trains Nicaraguan pastors to become church planters. Over the last 6 years more than 30 churches have been started in an area that has no light in it. Since Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, the pastors that the ABWE missionaries help train to plant churches cannot be solely supported by those church plants. God has equipped Jordan to know a variety of vocational skills such as auto-mechanics, computer networking, and carpentry. Jordan wants to teach these pastors some of these skills so they can get jobs to support their family in addition to pastoring their church. Jordan does not want these pastors to be burdened with financial hardship. It is my earnest prayer for every pastor to be financially self-supported so that they can focus on sheparding their church, not on what his family's next meal is. I want the Nicaraguan people to see God's unconditional love in me. Abigale plans to stay at home and raise our beautiful children in the Lord. She is also a registered nurse. Nicaraguans aren't very health literate. Due to its extreme poverty, many pathways of diseases are never addressed, resulting in high morbidity and mortality. She desires to form relationships with Nicaraguans by teaching common health practices to increase quality of life. There are two other health trained missionaries who also share this same passion. From that teaching relationship, hopefully trust is established. From there, she along with others wants to share with them who Jesus Christ is and what He did for them. She then wants to connect them with evangelical pastors and their churches. These evangelical pastors are currently being trained through other ministries through ABWE. It is her earnest prayer that every village in Nicaragua hears the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that they see the reflection of God in her. Only let your manner of life be worthy of the Gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel. Philippians 1:27 ESV
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